Bakchang or rice dumpling, is a celebrated food every annual Dragon Boat Festival/ Dumpling Festival. I won't go into the history of how bakchang came about because Mr Google would be on hand anytime anyone wants to know about the history of it. 

I grew up eating my grandmother's home made backchang. One of my greatest regret was that I didn't fulfil my silent wish to learn the art of making bakchang from her when she was alive. My memory of her sitting on the mini stool every year tirelessly making bakchang from scratch just for her loved ones, all by herself, left me teary-eyed while shopping for ingredients yesterday, for my Project Bakchang.

I knew I had a second chance when my mother-in-law, whose Hokkien bakchang also taste terrific, agreed to participate in my Project Bakchang plan. Man, it was tough, I tell ya, from cooking and the worst was the wrapping, gawd, I almost threw in the towel then! But the end result was awesome, albeit some of the bakchang were a lil out of shape, thanks to my handicraft. All in all, it was a fulfilling experience and I am happy this wish to learn was fulfilled in the end. 

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