Ice Cream Frenzy

You don't really feel like venturing into town on weekends. The ride to town in a bus or MRT itself already reminds you of the journey to the office. Unless you have specific purpose or business in town, you would rather stay back in your own heartland neighbourhood and just feel superbly contented with the nearby char kway teow near the local market and taking that leisurely walk home. On one of these walks was when I chanced upon a snuggly, comfy little ice cream cafe tuck away amongst the many grocery stores and TCM clinics. The owner, Mr. Tom Yam, was so warm and friendly that he wouldn't even mind if customers bring outside food to consume in his cafe. Tom, a retired civil servant who once worked in Vietnam for a few years, has been running Ice Cream Frenzy for the past 9 years. He makes his own ice cream and emphasises on quality. On the walls are murals of teddy bears created by Tom's wife. A range of ice cream flavours are available and created by Tom himself via self research and experimenting with different ingredients while keeping up with the latest trends. The shop is decorated with old memorabilia and personal effects, with handwritten labels and tags.

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