I'm a middle child, who grew up in a city in Malaysia. I survived my college days in Kuala Lumpur, got my first job in my home state in Southern Malaysia and wore heels to work every day. I ached for adventure after 5 years & so I moved to the Middle East to fly the world as a flight attendant. Homesickness crept in and I married my long time sweetheart and packed my bags for Singapore, got back to work in banking & continued wearing heels to work for the next 10 years. Gimme a camera ( I have a mobile phone with a cracked lense) and I can start clicking right away, anything that pleases my eyes. An old & broken wooden stool or a cracked rear view mirror are beautiful to me. I love nothingness and I love waking up & thanking God bestowing me with a loving husband and a roof over my head. I love this point of my life and I love you for visiting my web page!I believe each one of us exist for a reason. I am determined to play my part as a responsible citizen of the world. 

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